Genes for which we already have primers and such:

In past years, we have examined a number of genes, and so we have designed and generated a number of reagents.  Our list of genes with existing reagents are listed below (along with OMIM links).



Gene notes   gene notes
TYR (Tyrosinase) + control / pigmentation      
FUZ planar polarity   MSTN (myostatin) muscle regulator
PDCP6IP apoptosis   RELN (reelin) neuronal
c21orf59 Down Syndrome   AIFM1 apoptisis / mitochondria
TPRG1l cancer   AFL4

CHOPS syndrome / cancer

FASN fatty acid synthesis   DCN (decorin) extracellular matrix
AXL cancer   PCMT1 methyl transferase
ERI3 neuronal (prion)   MKKS centrosome/cytoplasm
BIRC2 inflammation   MLLT1  
METTL9 methyl transferase   KLC1 kinesin / microtubules
MYL4 muscle myosin light chain   IMPAD1 skeletal system
MPV17 mitochondrial protein   CNTN4 (contactin-2) neuronal
UGT1A1 glycosyltransferase   OVCA2 cancer
SH3BP4 SH3 binding (signaling)   SLC9a9 ADHD associated
TCIM cancer   BAIAP2 cytoskeleton
MARK2 cytoskeleton   ZNF639  
c10orf76     PH21a  

Genes of (some) interest to mike      
VIM (vimentin) IF protein   DES (desmin-1/2) IF protein (muscle)
EFHC1 cilia   POC5 cilia / centrioles
RTN3 (reticulon 3) ER protein   TARDBP (TDP43) chaperone / DNA
14-3-3 proteins