Experiment 2: the reemergence of traits

Mendel used true breeding strains that express one or the other of a pairs of traits.

These pairs of traits were determined by crossing true-breeding parents, and looking at the offspring, which are known as the first "filial" or F1 generation.  He called traits that were visible in F1 plants dominant, those that disappeared where known as recessive.

Now we have new questions to answer: are the factors responsible for recessive traits still present in F1 organisms?

To answer this question, we will start (as always) with two parental (P) lines: one expresses the dominant and the other the recessive trait. 

Experiment 2: Design an series of experiments to answer the following questions.

  • How will you determine that your parental lines breed true?
  • How will you determine which traits are dominant and which recessive?
  • Do F1 organisms derived from a cross between different strains breed true?
  • Are all F1 organisms the same?  How are the F1 organisms different from the parental strains? 
  • Use which javaGenetics (not currently working) to carry out your experiments and answer the questions.  Include the the your generate in your report.

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