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MCDB 1150-003: Biofundamentals™ (© 2007-2015) is a freely available one-semester introductory molecular biology course (MCDB 1150 @ CU Boulder). Our goal is a more conceptually coherent, analytical, and engaging introduction to evolutionary and molecular biology (testimonial).

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The transformation of Biofundamentals from a web site (here) into a book was inspired by the success of the NSF-supported CLUE: Chemistry, life, the universe & everything general chemistry project.

These courses are joined by CSM: Calculus, Systems, & Modeling ( MATH 1310), developed by Eric Stade (Math @ UC Boulder) and, eventually, by a similar course inspired by "The Evolution of Physics" by Einstein & Infeld.


We think the way we do because Socrates thought
the way he did.
- Bettany Hughes
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