Biofundamentals™ is an attempt to build a more conceptually coherent, rigorous and engaging introductory course in modern biology (testimonial).

We arecurrently transforming Biofundamentals into a book and building enhanced beSocratic activities, which should be ready by Summer 2014. We also hope to have the course available on Albio.co by that point.

Videos on using the text & constructing arguments.


Each reading includes questions to answer and ponder, as well as a beSocratic activities designed to help you consolidate your learning. Class time is spent considering the most difficult ideas.

Our goal is not to sort students but improve teaching by placing difficult ideas in a coherent context.

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Biofundamentals™ is part of a larger curricular redesign effort that includes CSM: Calculus, Systems, and Modeling, CLUE: Chemistry, life, the universe & everything, and perhaps a more relevant physics course based on the evolution of physics.


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