biofundametnals overview


Biofundamentals™ (© 2007-2015) is a freely available one-semester introductory course into evolutionary and molecular biology (MCDB 1150 @ CU Boulder) whose goal is a more conceptually coherent, analytical, and engaging introduction to modern biology (testimonial).

Troll evolution animation

Biofundamentals™ is part of an effort to reconsider core science and math courses that includes CLUE: Chemistry, life, the universe & everything and CSM: Calculus, Systems, & Modeling (developed by Eric Stade, Math @ UC Boulder).

Inspired by "The evolution of physics" by Einstein and Infeld, we hope (eventually) of extending this effort to physics ("Evolving Physics")


We think the way we do because Socrates thought
the way he did.
- Bettany Hughes
be socratic