Biofundamentals™ is an attempt to build a more conceptually coherent, rigorous and engaging introductory course in modern biology (testimonial).

We have transformed Biofundamentals into a book and enhanced beSocratic activities, which are now ready (but still being improved.

Videos on using the text & constructing arguments.


Are looking for the most recent (post-2012) version Biofundamentals? then you in the wrong place (this is the old one)

The new version of t
he text is here while the course web site is here.

Troll evolution animation

Biofundamentals™ is part of a larger curricular redesign effort that includes CLUE: Chemistry, life, the universe & everything, and CSM: Calculus, Systems, and Modeling (developed by Eric Stade, Math @ CU Boulder) perhaps even (eventually) a more relevant physics course based on the evolution of physics, molecular machines, and life at low Reynolds numbers.


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