Biofundamentals™ is an attempt to build a more conceptually coherent, rigorous and engaging introductory course in modern biology (testimonial).

We are currently transforming Biofundamentals into a book and building enhanced beSocratic activities, which should be ready by late Summer 2014. We also hope to have the course available on Albio.co and maybe even supported by Highlighter (again) by that point.

Videos on using the text & constructing arguments.


If you are looking for a post-2012 version Biofundamentals, you are in the wrong place: go here http://virtuallaboratory.colorado.edu/Biofundamentals/

Troll evolution animation

Biofundamentals™ is part of a larger curricular redesign effort that includes CLUE: Chemistry, life, the universe & everything, and CSM: Calculus, Systems, and Modeling (developed by Eric Stade, Math @ CU Boulder) perhaps a more relevant physics course based on the evolution of physics.


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