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Conventional teaching all too often accepts memorization and pattern recognition as true learning.  Both students and teachers can mistake this for subject mastery.

To gain a rigorous understanding, one needs to recognize, work with, and apply empirical data and abstract concepts to real-life scenarios.

At virtuallaboratory our goal is to help students to recognize, confront, correct, and expand their understanding of scientific ideas and techniques.

phage craft
Or you can go to the: bacterial chemotaxis applet

cyberlearning video


Course materials

Biofundamentals: An introduction
to evolutionary & molecular Biology
Mutating Xenopus: a discovery (CRISPR-CAS) lab
virtual labs (biology)
Teaching & Learning @CU | @ETH


CLUE: Chemistry, life, the universe
& everything @CU Boulder
London Disperson Forces and inter-molecular interactions 3 body
beSocratic formative assessment
Biology Concepts Instrument (BCi)
description : cloud version
Dreaming of evolving
physics for life science students
Systems Biology
for Biologists
system penguins

In loving memory of Spencer I. Browne (1949-2005), he made it possible for us to explore this dream.

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